All antifa, please update your iPhone software immediately

September 14, 2021, 6:56 pm
All antifa, please update your iPhone software immediately
All antifa, please update your iPhone software immediately. The latest version fixes a critical security flaw that governments have apparently been using.

thanks for the heads up!!!! uwu

If governments have been using it then either they`ve found a better hole, or the update doesn`t fix it.

If you`re antifa then you have your personal phone for normal activity and a burner phone for anything else.

this is why I only use my antifone

Did it last night.

Done and done :) But good to spread the word!

This is true. But, if any of yall can. Get a Pixel and shove on it plz. Turns stock Android & iOS into dust security & privacy wise.

iPads and Macs too

The telco backplane ?

I hate it here!

Imagine how nice it would be if the government disclosed zero days so that they could be fixed. Yknow, something that would actually protect people from harm.

Given Apple`s recent commitment to scanning your photos and messages phone-side, the government won`t need to exploit security flaws anymore. They`ll just make above-board requests via a "feature" Apple added.

Sky News tells me it was an Israeli high tech firm responsible? I think the last mal ware threat came from same country too. Israel Government should prosecute those responsible.

Another fruitloop

Oh look, the white woman with a septum piercing has something to say. Shocker.

why would you be seriously antifa or anarchist & own an iphone lol

I can`t afford an iPhone. Can I still be an antifa?

yes straight from isreal security IDF themselves! the Chud trainers. chudwatch

Thought antifa didn`t exist lol

I take this way more seriously than when my work asks me to update a device thanks!

(But our watches?)

most desert I`m still waiting for Android to direct deposit my checks from Soros.

*any apple device

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