-Agree? Or Disagree? Explain?? https://t

November 24, 2021, 1:54 pm
-Agree? Or Disagree? Explain?? https://t
-Agree? Or Disagree? Explain??

I read this article yesterday and I think that depending on the interpretation it really makes sense, then there is always someone The average users dont care about it But not everyone is part of this group, I like what Samsung is doing with the latest products

Samsung always needs to worry. It`s not that iPhone is bad, it`s that a growing number of people are satisfied with minimal change. Apple is consistent at not giving Android users what they want but very consistent at not overwhelming it`s users with a bunch of `new stuff`

Disagreed apple does huge changes every few years they r purposely holding back, we would probably see huge changes in iphone 14 or 15

It means that samsung does not need to reinvent themself since apple makes small, incremental upgrades

Disagree. Samsung might get eradicated by more vfm Chinese OEMs & Apple due to their own faults. Apple are the leaders in making best mobile chips & chinese brands are packing better hardware and better software at an affordable price. Even Sammy`s flagships aren`t gd everywhere.

Genuine question here.. What has Samsung done that is a genuine good and useful feature? I`m asking coz I don`t know.

They`ve shift their innovations to chip designing sector so samsung doesn`t need to worry cz its not even the the battle

innovation market share though people don`t want a crazy phone that folds or stretches or doubles up a toaster or whatever samsung is up to next, they want a simple rectangle that has good cameras, is fast, and that they know won`t break from daily use

I think they have mostly shifted to innovation in software rather than hardware tbh.

Thanks for the great laugh!

not in every segment, both having their own pros and cons

Given up? No, theyre purposefully holding back.

Erm no? They literally just released a bunch of powerful chips last month

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