After yesterday`s tweet, Some people questioned, Why I had

April 26, 2022, 12:14 pm
After yesterday`s tweet, Some people questioned, Why I had
After yesterdays tweet, Some people questioned, Why I had the need to send 1GB File over Telegram in iOS? Well, 1. It was a video recording of 1GB+ and I had to share it without losing Quality. 2. I Knew GDrive wont work in Background in iOS, I thought maybe Telegram works??

My friend uses `Send Anywhere` works across Android and iOS. Try that maybe?

In Telegram there`s another hack to do it. Not sure about iOS but it`s working in android for me. Play a music file & turn on repeat track so that the music plays as a never ending loop. Now uploading and downloading won`t stop as the app is working in the background for 1/2 here is how you can download & upload large files on iOS in third party apps. 1. Set Auto Lock to Never 2. Set device on Airplane mode and use Wifi Only 3. Put iPhone in Fish tank or Bowl or inside a GRAVE so that you won`t touch it until the upload or download is Finished. in morning it was showing upload error. Finally I was irritated. So, Set auto lock to Never. Turned on Airplane Mode. And Connected Wifi. Then I put my iPhone in my Empty Fish Tank so that I get reminded of it and dont touch or lock or open other apps. Finally its Done !!

Is iOS that terrible, Maybe you`ve turned on some option to kill background tasks.

So, finally I decided I will upload it at night after I reach home on Wifi. And for saving battery I changed my auto lock to again 1 minute. Reached home late night, Connected my Wifi. And uploaded again on telegram. I forgot to set auto lock to never. And then I slept. So !!

Uploading on Mobile Data is Pain everybody knows, And it was long process. I was keeping my screen turned on and auto lock to Never And I kept my phone in my jeans. Dont know when or how the lock button pressed maybe due to jeans, and Yeah When I took out, screen was off..

I sent again, but then 2 mins later I received a call, the call was long, and the screen was off due to proximity. And again same thing happened. Upload error my dear friends !! Then I had to go outside my home leaving wifi and yeah I tried uploading on mobile data too again..

buy a mac and use airdrop

I thought app is opened and screen is off, uploading should happen. And I forgot about it. Unlocked Screen 10 minutes later for other stuff, but telegram was closed automatically and didnt show up, so it didnt remind me that I had sent a file. Few hours later I remembered..

4. Some people asked why it took 2 days? First I sent the file and started using other app, checked 5 mins later, it came up with error. Then I understood I had to keep the app open, so I did, I retried sending and this time kept the app open. But after 30 seconds screen Off..

Now people will say get a macbook

3. Some people suggested, why dont you copied that file on your PC? Well, Because that file was recorded in High Efficiency Mode in iOS (HEVC), and 1GB+ file doesnt show up when connected to PC. People suggested dont record in HEVC, But I will loose 4K 60fps option then. LoL

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