After using the MagSafe Battery Pack today, I`m pretty

July 22, 2021, 3:21 am
After using the MagSafe Battery Pack today, I`m pretty
After using the MagSafe Battery Pack today, Im pretty disappointed. For $99, I should be able to use my phone while charging & gain more than 2% back.. Screenshots below show 3 hours of battery pack usage (while actively using my phone for ~60% of the time)

Pretty sure the iPhone just pulls charge from the pack, instead of the pack charging the iPhone

Depending on your usage, the charger is designed to drain first, powering your device while you use it. Its not meant to charge your iPhone to full while using it. This reduces wear on your iPhones battery at the same time.

That sounds awesome :)

Ohh its not good as it seems then (maybe itll be fixed on the next update) thank you for letting me know man keep up the good work!

Brandon youre aware that youre on iOS 15 beta which has no (full) support for the MagSafe battery right? Its not even shows the real battery indicator of the battery pack

So its basically just powering your phone, not charging it.

I thought it would be better than this, seems like a waste of money

I`m confused why you are disappointed. You can make a higher power output battery but it won`t be as efficient and it will run much hotter.

Maybe its like the previous smart battery cases! It works as an extension to your battery! So it uses majority of whats in the smart case and trickle charges the phone and then once thats depleted it uses the phones battery?

i noticed the same my phone stopped charging when i started using it again its been at 87 for almost an hour now Would rather use a 35 one from Amazon at 35,000amp one.

So glad I didnt jump and buy this. Maybe version 2

I assume to reduce heat. Also youre on the beta.

Smart Battery Case was better, wireless charging just isnt anywhere near as efficient and I hate the idea of it being able to fall off as well

Maybe not the right power managment in 15 beta

Still waiting for iPhone to have user-replaceable batteries and user-upgradeable memory like my cheap Android phone, but it will probably take an act of Congress. This kluge is a bad Band-Aid but at least an admission of the deficit. (I use an iPod Touch for my iOS apps).

I intend to return mine unopened.

Would be interested to see what a 12 Pro Max experience with it is then lol

Youre not using 14.7 witch actually adds support for it, what do you expect?

But if you didnt have the battery pack on the back of your phone you wouldnt have gained 2%, you would have lost about 60% but you didnt have anywhere close to that to lose, so your phone would have died long before that, you still pave power on both the phone & battery pack

If you charge internal battery and then use internal battery, that is worse efficiency than just using the power straight from external battery. Each time you go through a battery charge cycle it will take away quite a decent %

Now obviously it does charge up more when you arent using your iPhone, but isnt this made for on-the-go scenarios? This product is not making much sense to me. I will continue testing and let you know if things change

Waste of money IMO like $99 for that is a rip off

Lmaoo looks like Im not buying it

What iPhone do you have? Was tempted to get but I have the 12 Pro Max so this battery pack probs wouldnt even charge at all

It is like the Airtag .. a gymick. Even i will always buy there phones, macs, I would never give money to such things.

2% gain for 61% battery case usage? That is the absolute worst battery efficiency Ive ever seen from an Apple product

Damn I thinking of getting one but no way now

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