After some huge upsets in the first round, Round

September 14, 2021, 6:35 pm
After some huge upsets in the first round, Round
After some huge upsets in the first round, Round 2 of the Best Video Game of All Time Bracket starts now! Vote below to help your favorite game take the crown! Presented by

Man SMB3 is good but there`s NO WAY IN HELL it`s better than Prime

Your absolutely crazy. How does burn out 3 beat Chrono Trigger this is already a lost debate.

Why are yall doin my boy Leon like that There`s about to be a lot self searching to oneself from this tweet lol!

I`m sorry to see this it looks like a second-round KO.

give this a go. Some toughies.

Bloodbornes really this close to losing to Tetris. Really people?

I think all of you who voted for God of War never played Portal 2...

Come one ... Portal 2 is a masterpiece far ahead from GoW.

Seriously? You can really tell the quality (and age) of the voters voting in this. Halo 2 birthed online gaming as we know it today. Hopefully this will change once the adults get home from work and have a chance to vote

Chronotrigger lost to an arcade racing game

Youve got to be kidding me!!! Bioshock is the greatest game of all time, Minecraft is mind-numbing!!

Bro. RE4 is getting robbed.

Someone messed up here The fact that Chrono Tigger, Fable 2, D2, MGS 3, and P5R didn`t advance kinda upsets me lmao

Resident Evil 4 vs a collectathon? Hardly a Zelda game

The fact that 47% of people voted for tetris is making me furious

Lol Nier Automata isnt even there

RE4 definitely a better game

This is why I never trust audience scores

FFVII as a 15 seed is as criminal as it gets

Portal 2 is the definition of a Masterpiece,a title giving to almost every 3A games the last few years.

Why not RDR2 ? San Andreas is just much better than the first Red dead.

I like GoW but Portal 2 is one of the best games ever made so this is just plain wrong

you guys dont appreciate the genius that is portal 2

the game where most of the pros got outed as p3dophiles vs the best game franchise ever made ???

These votes are a mess lol

Re4 was a defining game that changed and influenced some of the greatest games after. Botw literally but off every aspect from what was popular and added it to a popular franchise.

Resident Evil 4 was revolutionary and had a big impact on the 3rd person games to come out next,the likes of TLOU/Dead Space etc Botw wasnt any special from other open world games.

Why isn`t Gears of War on here.. this is list is mising a lot of games

The Goat How does chrono trigger lose to burnout 3????

This isnt even a fair matchup . Of course Mario would win. Same with Zelda vs RE4.

Not only was the seeding awful but with Ocarina and Mario 64 out, this is officially a garbage bracket

Nintendo fanboys are really gonna make babys first rpg win this whole thing

Having Metroid Prime being better than Hades whilst also saying Apex is better than Super Metroid is heresy and the entire bracket must be burnt at the stake

Nobody that`s actually played both is voting SMB3. Let`s make that clear right now before Prime loses big

Super Mario World got more votes in your graphic yet Smash Bros moves on?

Anybody else noticed Smash bros apparently lost but also advanced? If Doom doesn`t win then your contest is a complete farce!

Witcher 3.. Best game ever made!

ya`ll think you could make the font a little smaller?

Red dead redemption 2 is definitely one of the best ones there Calling it now, Witcher 3 is king. San Andreas is the best GTA and Modern Warfare 4 is the best COD.

Who is voting Red Dead over San Andreas....

It shows 60% for super Mario world and 40% for Smash Broswhy did they advance?

If you vote zelda I`d knee you in the back of the head

bruh y`all actually voted out Mario 64, Jesus Christ

Hashtag these so I can mute it please

Batman Arkham city over Super Mario I know yall are bugging.

Why titanfall 2 is even there???? There is Apex, why also Titanfall? You should put also MW2 and BO1 then

Hey the super Mario world vs smash you have smash winning

RE4 really gonna lose, huh :| Is this even a discussion?

Both of these stress me out equally

Red Dead Redemption beating Borderlands 2 is my super villain origin story


First vote As God intended. What are these options though? Almost all of these arent comparable

Resident Evil 4 vs. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Dark Souls vs. Rise of the Tomb Raider

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