Ads in the settings screen, gross https://t

February 7, 2021, 7:22 am
Ads in the settings screen, gross https://t
Ads in the settings screen, gross

Treat us to podcast chapters please. .

Huh! So only OnePlus is left which doesn`t put ads in its system. Ok not gonna jinx that now

Nilay, even if this is categorised as an add, still its way more sophisticated than Samsung !

Apple copying samsung

Well have to disagree about the ad definition. I think its more of an alert. Yes, its annoying. But, its probably the least annoying way to actually surface the information to users. Id rather scroll past that in settings than delete an email or get a notification.

Stories in the bible app lmao im gonna have to explain myself at the Gates for laughing Great minds I was thinking switching to iPhone after the ad situation in Xiaomi, looks like things aren`t that good. Also, even after buying such costly phones if i have to see ads what`s even the point of such hefty pricestags !!! Shame

In the new new world, every pixel on the screen is a signboard.

I mean, they are giving it for free, so why not take it? Its supposed to be a selling point of the iPhone, free services for 3 months. And, atleast you dont get full size images to buy the phone you already own. Small text pop-ups in the settings app are not ads.

As long as it doesnt interfere with the UI, I dont see the problem lol yall so sensitive for nothing They learned from the best Not as worse as one in the Samsung.

Well for starters, a Peloton isnt a bicycle in a stationary bike/work out machine built with the sole purpose of having users subscribe to its platform.

Or more like informing you of the free stuff that came with your phone

On the one hand, its neat that they show you what amount to free product. On the other hand, the (seeming) inability to disable it is pretty trash.

This isnt an ad though. Its not trying to get you to buy anything, just let you know what you received with your purchase

Peloton doesnt make the phone does a peloton bike not offer its services?

Samsung has become the rich man`s Xiaomi.

Very gross. Wonder what this does for the anticompetitive narrative?

I guess that`s how iDevices can be sold at such affordable prices.

I oddly dont have that. Its like Im missing out but I dont mind.

One line on a Settings screen that most people never use is pretty low-impact to users. I already have the subscription, so I dont see it. Does it badge your icon? That would be unacceptable.

Nobody gets to put ads in push notifications, but everyone does. Including Peloton. This is a free thing users get because of a purchase of hardware. There are 3 options: 1. This 2. Push notifications 3. Not telling users they get a free thing for a few months. Which is worse?

Its hardly intrusive advertising tho is it? I mean, its there, its not something you have to click off in order to proceed, its an apple product that integrates and has its benefits, but of a sad thing to be so upset and moan about really.

Anyone who thinks this is ok doesnt see the bigger picture.

Yeah but if you give them more money every month they go away.

You have a tech podcast with American centric tech ads that I cant skip.

Genuine question here... how should they remind you of the free services you got when you bought the device?

Just click once and it goes away. I never saw mine after day 1

Its reminding u that u are entitled to 3 months free.

Thats an ad?

Are you enjoying your new Apple Watch?

At least the ad management is better than Samsungs

Your Apple Watch just materialised out of thin air?

You can remove them if you tap through them and say not now (annoying but works)

Just as gross: push notification ads that dont require push notification permissions.

Like iCloud storage, a bit deeper but same idea. They feel like part of the system.

Isnt it just a reminder that you can try free for 3 months??

Meh, doesnt seem like a big deal.

Samsung`s ads are literally also from third parties (as if normal website/youtube ad) - this is different than Apple`s reminder like notifications, or "ads" if you wanna call them that...

Apple sucks at targeting ads Im still getting ads for the Apple Card, which I have had for about a year now

Budget Android distributions rightly get stick for this stuff..

fanbois will defend saying that they are promoting apple services only so no problem

Well, isnt it included in the purchase of a new Apple Watch or something? If there was something bundled with the product I just bought, Id wanna know about it, right?

Hey, As you were saying...

Its because you bought a new device no? I don`t see how this is a problem tbh just push decline.

I heard it gets worse on some phones This gets old doesn`t it? Genuine question. How *should* Apple make new services and features for existing products known to the average consumer? How do they tell them about them or make them discoverable?


Finally, someone willing to call Apple out as well. It should go both ways.

Genuine question: If they shouldnt put it in Settings, where should it be? If it was a notification, you guys would be saying Ads in notifications, yuck

it gets worse airplane mode is an advert for airlines

so samsung isnt the only one, interesting

Hey at least its not personalized

Just subscribe to Settings+ to remove ads

What do you think of the AppleCare+ reminders that appear?

People get bothered about ads more when it either inhibits their work or what pops up is completely unrelated. So I don`t find it that offensive of Apple to let know their customers there`s something free to try out. But there should be an option to get rid of it

Yeah, that really is annoying... at least give me an option to opt-out from those Apple services ads. Some people may find them useful but yeah... not a great move.

Isn`t avoiding ads literally the main reason people buy Apple products?

It`s not only in settings But its just a feature they are letting you try for free /s

I don`t mind ads if they aren`t in my face \_()_/

This has been going on for a while and will only get worse

Also, notifications for Apple News articles that I cant read without subscribing...

Yall so dramatic. Just tap Decline. Samsung owner here, welcome to the club!

Just my 2 but I dont actually find that that bad.

Others would call that informative.

you should really use a Xiaomi in India.

Ive had an ad about Apple TV+, Id rather have Fitness+ over that

Ads in Apple News Plus, even worse

Actually I find this pretty useful I might not realize I could try it free for three months otherwise. And it`s not like they`re popping up on the home screen.

Maybe they are trying to save you based on your Vmax

The settings screen is already a disaster too...

I figured out how to make the ads disappear. Just give them money and they stop telling you to give them money. Really make you wonder what kind of ads will run someday.

Apple accepting money from Google to set them as the default search engine is arguably much worse

At least with Apple, you are the customer and not the product.

People prefer ads as they change their iPhone background is Apples version of Facebooks People prefer targeted ads

To be fair the iCloud storage upsell has always lived inside settings Not front and center and straight-up an ad though

This kind of promotion of own services is way better than those third-party vulgar ads that appear on some Android phones

Click in it and click set up later in fitness And its gone forever.

Its not an ad. Its just informing you that you can redeem that.

You know, Apple is not the company that innovates. It lets others do that (Samsung) and then iterates with a better version.

I have an ad there for 3 free months of Apple Arcade, but Im already a Apple One subscriber.

They have a thing in there for Apple TV if you have an offer for that too

Who needs ad targeting when you can just cover a billion screens in ads for your own stuff

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