According to VGChartz the PS5 has surpassed 10 million

July 22, 2021, 12:39 am
According to VGChartz the PS5 has surpassed 10 million
According to VGChartz the PS5 has surpassed 10 million units sold globally. It took 35 weeks for the PS5 to achieve this milestone. To put that in perspective, it took the PS4 39 weeks to do the same. The PS5 is considerably more supply constrained. Demand for the PS5 is insane.

Bad part most of the sales are done to price gaugers

Isnt VGChartz not credible?

What games do they have to play? Very small amount. Why even own one at this time.

Oh so now we are back to saying VGChartz had accurate numbers now?

VG Chartz isnt the best source. They guesstimate and rarely, if ever have accurate data. Theres a reason why the bigger sites dont source them much.

Remember xbots don`t care about sales Last week they did but not this week Us: so how long until we get the PS event Sony: So, I think it`s safe to assume that the PS5 has surpassed 11 million or more, given that VGChartz`s best guesstimates usually underreport Playstation sales by 10% or more.

Yessir Another for Ps5 !! But can some one find out how many ppl was in the world 39 weeks after Ps4s release and then how many ppl are in the world 35 weeks after Ps5s release? Then well see the real difference. There more of us gamers today then before

Ps5 will sell 15 mil this year like they said. However they could have sold 20 mil, but they create hype for next years when it will fight much superior rdna 3.

Im a PlayStation man b4 u bite my head off. Trying 2 own a ps5 is a painful experience. Bought Xbox instead. Game pass is unreal. Think Sony will lose this one. Serves them right

10mil PS5 & 6mil Xbox & 88mil switch but the thing is not 10 mil ppl got PS5 around 20% with scalpers same with Xbox maybe smaller % coz the demand on Xbox not as high as the PS5 here why am saying this 10 million and i couldn`t get 1 of them

Is this because of all the Scalpers keeping loving Gamers like myself from getting them in a Walk-in store? Like seriously I want a PS5 so much

Didnt someone once say the first to 10 million has already won the war???

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