A young man proposed to a woman he liked,

September 15, 2021, 8:41 am
A young man proposed to a woman he liked,
A young man proposed to a woman he liked, and the woman said, as long as the Android processor surpasses Apple, I will marry you. Later, he was alone all his life.

Well,no matter how sad this tweet is,he aint wrong tho...

Is there a logical explanation for this? Why can`t they provide a cpu at least in the same league?

He was alone until Pixel 6 series arrived with Tensor.

They married together last year only what a funny way to say that it feels like an old proverb or folk story

It`s painfully cringe

Stop trolling young cat . Samsung is still the best

If u need more power u should use a laptop

I will probably ask someone, and will hold into it untill Snapdragon surpasses completely

Why you need world`s fastest? Your current smartphone processor isn`t working?

Android hard to optimize if it open source. iOS is closed source for a reason.

Your ctictics on Samsung mobiles are the one of the best and deep from heart Only the hard core fans knows about the dumb things their favourite brand does and they try to point it out and try to let them know through analysed critics as you are doing thank you Man

And she will also alone for all her life

I hope someday android processor will surpass appoe Processors

That insane processor that let`s you open up twitter 0.1 nanosecond faster!

so what happened to tht satellite thing tht was coming to the iphone

Fun fact: Exynos used to be stronger than Apple chips. It was a thing from the past.

Who broke your heart ice Later, she was looking for the charger.

That means, Exynos 2200 would be inferior to A15..

I agree with you if they can`t beat then atleast they should be neck to neck let`s see where Google will stand in next few years as they started using their in house chipset

Still iPhone doesn`t have type c

The woman was naive ! She did not understand realism

The transformation over the years... from a Leakstar to an Apple Sheep... Congrats

accurately, yes the bionic chips are stronger but if you watch Golden reviewers YouTube videos, you`ll see that all phones play games alike. Non seems too stronger than the other. I`m referring to the snapdragon 888 vs the a14. Don`t know much abt the A15. We await 898 & 2100

If i had dollar for everytime Apple said "the fastest in any smartphone", "world`s fastest", "faster than the competition" etc.

Did Tim Cook take over your account?

Cat going to mad day by day after joining "Oppo" company. No A15 is not fasterits becouse it runs on an OS written special for itRun A15 on Android it will be slow

Any leaks about One Ui 4?

Just go get yourself that iphone 13 and leave us tf alone, you are becoming annoying

We will see I am loyal to android. But i must say the truth apple is the best company. But i hate the people that say apple is bad ,and when they have money they buy it

I don`t understand this tweet, cos most of them only care about good camera for pictures and videos

Lol than was the truth

You mean the processor that pauses video uploading process in WhatsApp when you minimize the App. Great power that prisoned by iOS restrictions Funny enough

Look did the heir to the Samsung Empire not call you again....rich dudes are fickle...

His just jealous LMAO. China people be like:

I dont know whats wrong with this twitter account, dont tell its a "constructive criticism" as its not already... Have some rest too... By the way lets see if this account will criticize pixel 6 pro if it doesn`t beat A15 processor this time

Mister ice getting more and more mister apple fan Nr.1

take this

"I will marry you" or "I will be married to you" ??????

Help that virgin dude or he`ll turn Gay with apple juice It`s all about optimization and hence Google tensor may beat apple bionic ........ Maybe next year cause leaks say that even Google would use AMD GPU hence we will see a strong raw performance as well as good optimization like apple .... ultimately resulting in android`s win ....

he was alone all his life - by still holding the hope Man, you`re getting more and more racist for Android

Lets be honestly, A15 fastest and strongest chip ever. Undisputed

Sssssh the Cat needs to rest.....he`s not himself.

Ice you`re being weird

I think it is the number of android mobiles manufacturers, apple designs for its own mobiles where as qualcomm , mediatek etc have to do it for various brands each of them have diff screen sizes diff thermals diff operating systems, here apple have a edge.

to be fair, android has so many devices out there. so let see on pixel`s tensor

Looks like you got a good pitch for the new iPhone ad.

i hope pixel 6 can change that

Did you get hacked

She wouldn` say that to Henry Cavill or Tom Ellis lmao

The truth has been spoken! You are just annoying these days. If your contract with Samsung has ended, why not move on peacefully. Join the iPhone family in peace too and stop forcing it in our throat

A young man proposed to a man he liked, and the man said, as long as the Android processor surpasses Apple, I will marry you. Later, he was alone all his life.

qualcomm might do that, sustained performance is key. it`s true that apple or samsung might have best scores for gpu or cpu but snapdragon is really close. my friend`s iphone 12 pro throttles after about 30 mins of playing any game on medium and it`s not the only one

Nah don`t make that story....

A girl from Samsung broke u`r heart ?

Its just like amd and nvidia, they have special way to attract ppl..

I`m now certain that no Android OEM is really serious about mobile chip performance. Their focus is on marketing crap which is making people lose their trust in them

he is single forever! Cat be like What analogy is this lol

Only Samsung can do that if they want to

What did samsung do to you

One day man one day....

Kitty is drunk that`s not good

Thanks for the story now I`m sad.

The new A15 has 50% faster graphics performance compared to A14 which is already unmatched Do you think the new Exynos with AMD gpu that will come with the s22 will surpass the A15 !?

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