A wider selection of corner moves gives brawlers a

January 20, 2021, 11:17 pm
A wider selection of corner moves gives brawlers a
A wider selection of corner moves gives brawlers a chance to inflict their kind of violence - now with added gore!

Is the game the same on phone and switch?

Hey can add the wresler modification cause I cant modify my carrer wresler

Are you planning to add the random move feature?

My character having a good career Dear boss now direct do post with playstore andorid link. Literally now can`t wait boss sorry to say but it`s realy ios user and switch users already enjoy new game and andorid users watch only game play in youtube or any platfrom! I know its glitch in playstore i hope you fix it

I want to do that but not with wheck ax but with mat as he dont give me good salary My Wrestling revolution Surly Shirley Deceased Prediction Next major update is dropping on 15th February at midnight

God damn u made it so ur games couldn`t be hacked on mobile

will the general manager mode be added ?

Please upload wrestling empire for android

Funny Facts: Redneck Rosteen and Driver 88 are same Wrestler

I heard theres podcast in this game. Is it true?

This update come for ios & andorid.

Same for weekend warriors???

thanks for making this game better and better

Would Actual Ladder Matches Be Too Far Out to be able to feature??

The keyboard and controllers are just absolute teases!! I cannot wait to play this when it comes out on other platforms (since I do not have a switch)

Is limb loss in game?

I`m watching the podcast right now

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