A robot band headlines Maker Faire Tokyo!

November 5, 2013, 2:53 pm
A robot band headlines Maker Faire Tokyo!

We all know just how obsessed with robots Japan is. In an impressive appearance the all-robot band called Z-Machines, headlined the Maker Faire in Tokyo, Japan. 
Z-Machines this time were without the third musician, the keyboard-player and laser-shooter called Cosmos.The audience, ranging from university students and professors to families with infants, 
went ecstatic though, even without Cosmos,The live performance was about ten minutes long, and was quickly prefaced by an intro and explanation from the team behind the iconic machine-band.
Interestingly, the robo-guitarist who is called Mach wields two guitars, and the drummer called Ashura had over 20 drumsticks connected to it (or should we say "to him"?...)
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