A question only to people whos twitter app is

January 17, 2021, 5:10 am
A question only to people whos twitter app is
A question only to people whos twitter app is not!!! NOT!!!!! crashing on their smartphone because I`m getting absolutely desperated and so fuxking done: what operating system does your phone have?

use on browser! I think its way better

The thing about android is that depending on the quality of the android, it might be one with lower processing power & can`t handle as many apps, etc. If I struggle, I go delete apps I don`t use, clean out my phone as much as possible, and if desperate, factory reset.

I have iOS and Android both not receiving any issues. Maybe its the type of phone software thats causing the app to clitch/crash with the Twitter app current version?

When mine gets buggy I run an update and it usually fixes the problem.

i have 8 accounts logged in in both phones thoo did h try to delete and redownload twt?

Mine has been going through phases where it doesn`t want to work since 2020. I`m on Android so as soon as I clear the data it`s fine. But it costs me all my drafts and I have to set all my preferences back again :/

it`s been crashing for a couple months for me like it takes AGES to send tweet or open a thread, and have to close and open it 19384829 times a day :(

I don`t use the app, I open Twitter on the mobile browser. It works perfectly fine to me I just don`t get notification, but I don`t like notifications anyways

@Twitter app is utter trash and it`s continuously crashing on my 2 different phones with 2 different operating systems, I have to type every single of my tweet anywhere but on Twitter because no matter how many tries it will crash midway, being here is a PAIN and if not BTS...

I have android and my Twitter never crashes.

android it works perfectly!

omg for real im using two ios devices and its not crashing in both:D do u have ur notifs filtered? Maybe its because if notifs too

twitter is crashing? Since when?

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