A client in my DM is looking for a

September 17, 2021, 11:18 pm
A client in my DM is looking for a
A client in my DM is looking for a full-stack developer/software engineer to develop web and mobile apps for their company. Comment in the replies your portfolio. The company is following and will pick prospective developers. BetterTogether

Thank you so much for this. Here is the portfolio. I am a front end developer

I am Nixon Igunza Mugasia. A fullstack web developer with knowledge in java(springboot), mysql,html,css and javascript and Android developer with knowledge in kotlin and xml Experienced Full Stack devs... are half mad, half burned out and everyone is calling to hire them without even LinkedIn profiles. Yet rarely take job offers.

after hiring web developers,direct them to i sell for them motor cars for their company

Employers must define what a full stack developer means. Software developers should not be overworked for some little pay. Employers also must negotiate well with the employees on wages and other job terms Software is expensive asset, developers must be comfortable on all terms.

Full stack developer, Data scientist, android app developer. Has a neat portfolio demonstrating and showing all works: Hello, we develop high end web solutions that help businesses grow. Check us here We ensure websites rank on Google. Check some of our amazing clients

Im here with the following skill set Software Development - C ( Core & Standard), Java - Spring Boot , Node JS - Proficient - C ++ (Computer Vision), Python (Data Analytics), PHP - Working Knowledge - React JS & Vue JS- Working Knowledge

check this out

did a good job for the people I referred to him. We are all happy.

One person to do all this work? And then ulipwe hasara. Number one reason why people prefer remote jobs.

Talk to us. Im Ali, Im a full stack developer, and I specialize in efficient React apps and CSS, HTML Android & Flutter that just work across all platforms and browsers.

I know you can do this man

My son finished form 4 last year,had an A in computer studies (don`t ask about the rest), and am requesting for some sort of attachment as he waits to commence college next year. Please help, I`ll pay his transport,lunch and whatever else will be required

I just deployed this website full stack with git workflows continuous integration VueJs and PHP I can use the backend framework of your choice but I like nodejs and php for websites. I`ll also deliver under 3 weeks. And won`t require deposit.

Tell your client to find people on Linkedin

A fullstack developer means different things depending on whom you ask. At least specify languages/technologies in use. E.g Java, .NET, Java script ...

I`m an Android developer. Get in touch.

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