A bit of fun: Burn The City 2.8

April 29, 2012, 5:05 pm
A bit of fun: Burn The City 2.8

Burn The City, initially release in July 2011, can€™t be considered new but not too long ago was made available for free. And is a very entertaining free app currently available on appfinder
Not too long after launching the app, one of your first thoughts will probably have something related to €œAngry Birds€. You are not wrong, it is quite similar, the feel of the game is very close and the physics follow the same logic.
In Burn the city, instead of an angry bird seeking vengeance from egg stealing pigs, you`re role, as a giant fire breathing monster, is to spread destruction over various cities.
Why burn a city in the first place? Unfortunately, this point is not that clear yet; possibly because burning cities is considered appropriate behaviour in the social circles of giant fire breathing monsters. Maybe 
understanding the motives behind the monsters€™ urge for spreading such havoc would bring added interest into the game and, hopefully, we`ll get some answers by completing all levels.  
Back to the game; the €œcatapult€ functionality is managed by touching the monster and pulling away you can alter power and trajectory of the fire balls with the purpose of raining chaos over structures and buildings. You€™ll find the expected element of strategy as you have to work around obstacles or utilise destructive forces, such as nuclear power plants and explosive boxes to complete your objective (Burn the City).
The game keeps you interested, as you work through levels you€™ll find that the difficulty increases and a bit more variety of landscapes and obstacles are brought in. Just to add here that the graphics are simple but perfect for the game type and complimented by great sounds and music.
The strong point in my view are the characters, Burn the City has managed to hit point this spot on. The fire-breathing monsters have personalities of their own and their lazy; laid back attitude towards absolute mayhem is addictive and catches on quickly (just like fire?).
The fact that the buildings are likely inhabited (don€™t tell me you didn€™t notice the lights switched on), does not reduce the satisfaction of watching the structures come down in burning pieces.
Just to conclude, the game is great fun and you€™ll get you hooked very quickly. There are plenty of levels and characters to work with so you€™ll find yourself opening the game for a few minutes daily. 
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