#30DaysOfFlutter which IDE you are using? Let us know

February 2, 2021, 7:06 pm
#30DaysOfFlutter which IDE you are using? Let us know
30DaysOfFlutter which IDE you are using? Let us know

Neovim. Efficient, quick and so fun to use and learn.

I use both Android Studio and VSCode.

For me it`s Vscode, it`s light weight and fster than android studio

Notepad . . . . Jokes apart Android studio is best with material theme. Theme is also important please tell us which theme do you use nilay?

Obviously Android Studio

Android studio, vs code

Technically an editor but VS Code.

Which IDE are you using for flutter

VS Code seems a great one...

I am using Codium, I seem to like it! Had no issues setting up Flutter.

Both Android studio nd VsCode

Android Studio but reconsidering intellij after seeing the guys using it

Obiously vscode For me, No other IDE is powerful than VSCode. Love flutter and love vscode a lot. 30DaysOfFlutter

Was already using Android studio as an Android developer, so I stick with it, also is really a big pro that you can use your favorite IDE!

I use both Android studios and VS Code but VS Code is my favourite

VS code for basic ones and if needed some native code then I move to android studio... so I could say some kind of hybrid IDE

Android Studio is enough to develop Flutter apps. It has everything that we need to develop, test, profile, and deploy, etc. But, For those who are struggling with the limited resources can try VSCode as an alternative and physical device instead of Emulator.

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