2021`s ending & my $2000+ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

December 28, 2021, 1:32 pm
2021`s ending & my $2000+ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
2021`s ending & my $2000+ Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 still doesn`t have Android 12 (One UI 4). Android Flagships never fail to disappoint when it comes to updates. Fans will be ready to come with excuses but that wouldn`t change the fact that years-old iPhone receive updates Day 1.

My Vivo X60 pro plus got the update few weeks ago

Same with mi 11 ultra

No smartphone is perfect. You have to be patient and make some sense. People are giving you reasonable arguments and your only reply is "the consumer shouldn`t have to worry about that". Speaking of iOS updates on day 1, iOS 15 was a buggy mess, why should users worry about it ?

I`m not giving anyone excuses, I`m just making some sense :)

Why do you need update if phone works ok, never got this obsession with latest updates, must mean current software not good

Apple use their own embedded os since its their phone... Its easy to just make an update on iPhone compared to Samsung who use android is which is owned by Google... So that`s gonna take time to get the updated os optimised for a foldable Samsung device

The Fold3 is a new kind of phone, they are probably just optimizing One UI for foldables so that they can avoid the travesty that was early software for the original Galaxy fold.

Apple updates all their phone on the same day IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD.. But for ???? Nevermind... Their software update IS TRASH.. LIKE LITERALLY TRASH..

But at the end of the day it`s the humans working on those upgrades etc...and there are too many Samsung phones...but yeah flagship should receive the updates first.and should have been done by now but..not every flagship would be possible to get updated on day1.

A great example of factual statement which, without context of how ios and android upgrades work, is basically 1 side of the full story.

mine is at latest android 12 (one UI 4.0). But your side of situation is also true since you haven`t received the latest version.

If you want buggy updates then please go ahead put your thoughts. But I prefer quality updates nomatter how delay they are!

Well let`s hope Google will modify its Android program someday so that every manufacturer has to release the new version update within a month of release date. "it takes Time to develop & test" shouldn`t be acceptable anymore, considering how much sooner OEMs get source code.

Get the Pixel 6 Pro. Best decision of 2021

From my xperience ios is the worst os i have used.... Not user friendly. Even if delayed Android os/one UI is the best.

My a10e probably won`t go to Android 12.

Get a life bro, and get a pixel for faster updates. Don`t whine

This is incomparable. Every OS is different to each other especially in delivering and announcing updates. Samsungs Android OS comes from Google. Iphones IOS comes from its own Apple.

This is so so true.

Honsla rakh Bhai, Samsung is working on it. My sources are telling me it will be out by mid of jan 2022

Shouldn`t be such a surprise or frustration. We all know things are much smoother when hardware and software both are made by the same company

Now you talking my boy . I didn`t expect this from u ishana. You act like android 11 on the z fold 3 isn`t amazing at the moment . Sometimes day 1 updates isn`t the way to go . Look at Google pixel 6 and there 100+ bugs stories lol

Yes it has always been the case as Samsung has to many phones in the line up, not like Apple with same phone over and over and over and over and over but fast updates. Hopefully Samsung will get faster.

False. I never did that with my fold2 and it worked great.

Z fold 3 is not 2000.

Other Samsung flagships have Android 12 already. And the Z Fold 3 is a foldable so I`d imagine it just takes more actual time to make it even have decent compared to a `regular` update

I got it weeks ago, S21+ Idk man if you gonna rock the fold-y gang, you have to pay the price.... It is what it is. xD

Why would someone pay $1000 for a phone?

Are you talking about those updates that make your beloved iphone run like crap if it`s a older model ...so you are forced to buy a new one?

We can`t include all Android flagships in this statement. Take Google Pixels as an example, they receive updates on day 1 just like iPhones. And we can`t really compare iOS to Android (from different companies, with different Android skins and SoCs, and from different regions).

You know Samsung doesn`t have full control of android but okay man..petty

It is like a field day when iPhone updates roll out with everyone sharing their experience and screenshots together. When it comes to Android, you are lucky if you get an update.

That`s true but Samsung isn`t Apple or Google that has full control over the OS. You should know that updates won`t arrive on every eligible Samsung phone on day 1 before you decide to buy a Samsung phone. Comparing Samsung`s updates to Apple is just pointless

Defending android in general, You can get something on day 1 if its not in house. Google works parallel for AOSP and Pixel. Once they release AOSP version then only other companies can start working on stable build. Think as a drawback or advantage of open source.

Samsung does not own Andriod ffs

This is one thing that disappoints me with every major android update for flagship phones other than pixels , you cant get it on day one like with ios

Except it`s Googles fault? Google releases android 12 in an unfinished form>Samsung releases a stable build>play store breaks>Google releases a patch>Samsung resumes rollout Look at the Pixel 6, 12 is absolutely busted right now When spending a 1000 dollars on a phone,just go for the iphone, you`ll get better value for money

Then use the phone from Google itself which is called Pixel if you don`t know. Just like apple they receive the updates first as they themselves make it and they release just 1 phone a year stop crying and use pixel if u want on time updates

We just shouldn`t hit on OEM`s on matters that`s out of anyone`s control.

True, but it is what it is

The optimisation that needs to be done on every single model is immense because of various vendors for each model as you know. Added to that, human resource matters. iPhone have same architecture over all models which makes their work more simpler.

Android is built different, iPhone is built different. I didn`t expect this from you

Why dont use an iphone buddy ? Same pathetic design for years to come, Lack of Type-C and fast charging, Notch display and still an over price gadget..

How many phones does Apple release as compared to Samsung?

If you wanna experience Android 12, all S21 series got it already.

Am an Android an i totally agreed with you about software update the world of Android better sum about or we go`n switch to the green fruit

Well, i agree with you. But also i try to understand why they can`t give us updates as fast as apple.

No android is quick with update, its culture. Very bad one. 1,They`re producing too much device every year, had almost 50 product in 2021 alone, Mi11 variant is up to 10. Though this can be reducd by focusing on only 5 product yearly 2; Not the owner of software

what`s the use of iphone fast update with tons of bugs? iOS 15.1 had battery drain issue on my sis 11pro

Samsung have delayed it
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