20 billion Earth-like planets just in our Galaxy, according to NASA

November 11, 2013, 6:25 pm
20 billion Earth-like planets just in our Galaxy, according to NASA

If you are sure we are the only ones in the vast Universe, think again.According to NASA`s researchers, in our Galaxy alone there might be 20 billion more planets like our Earth...
Researchers used data from the venerable NASA Kepler Space Telescope, a telescope with the sole mission to hunt planets.Scientist estimate that around 20 billion planets have about the same size of the Earth, but more importantly also reside in the ideal Goldilocks Zone around their host star, meaning that temperatures potentially allow living organisms. 
While scientists previously believed that a mere 0
.0001 percent of life-friendly planets existed in the Milky Way, now it seems things might be just a little different after all! With the latest data gathered from the Kepler Space Telescope, it is now believed that more than 20 percent of the planets could be life-friendly instead.
The nearest planet of those which could possibly host lifeforms is about 12 light-years away from the Earth, which even if not considered "too far", it is still an awful lot of distance to cover for the technology we have today Earth.
Even though researchers believe today that there is the possibility of extraterrestrial lifeforms on those planets, given the similar to Earth conditions, there is of course no solid evidence as yet, even though it seems there are very good chances we are not alone after all...
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