1st Edition Character Class NFTs are live!

August 18, 2021, 2:57 am
1st Edition Character Class NFTs are live!
1st Edition Character Class NFTs are live! 1st Edition Characters will have the "Highborn" title in-game (must be upgraded with other 1st Edition NFTs) Rare NFT identifier for marketplaces Playable in-game with strong abilities p2e gameFi nft NFTgaming BSC

It is time to open the pools to be able to stake the tokens and start making the token strong

There are so many folk purposely acting FUD to drop the price so they can buy at a far lower cost. We aren`t falling for your bullshit. This project is taking off many starting to hold. If you don`t like it go away and spread lies elsewhere. Mist top project early stages!

Whats up brother!!! I have some proposals to you!! Send me a DM if you are interested in this

thanks MIST for your work !! This will be an amazing crypto game, the best crypto game right now.

I was banned from their discord in 2 sec cause i pointed up a mod mistake. That made me sold all my mist tokens and i`m truly happy i did. Neither this event made the price pump. lol their name here is "mistNFT" ahah, not "mistGAME" or "mistSOMETHIN", strange is not "sellmistnft"

I just got banned from Telegram only for criticizing some things and explaining why MIST isn`t a good investment. Good luck to you with this attitude. You acted like scam team - not serious project.

Whens this come out? I checked steam and its not there and the websites are either broke or incomplete

Yay! Hail the fresh Crusader! Mist How to Upgrade ? I laugh at people who say this goes to the moon. To the moon goes the wallet of the owners of Mist Less sell and more produce

Can we buy pets and weapons on this opportunity?

When they only care about the money (sells) and not the game ..

CRUSADER is the most wanted. Almost run out of crusaders

it could be nice if you explain why we should buy this NFTs... features playing this NFTs in game ?? whitout a NFT i cant play the game??? so many questions , and yours community managers only post about sells sells and more sells... nothing about the game

. . Crusader I. I Bought the dip . I`m Ready!!!! I can`t upgrade any of them

this is so frustrating, after i click PLAY on the MP client, the browser localhost:3000 doesnt pop up, im stuck at the screen of "connect wallet" help please? >.<

all the time I see this screen (2) above of players who will play without investing anything. Most won`t have $500 to spend on a character. think about that audience too.

(1)Two things you need to do urgently: An App that the anti virus does not block and items for simpler players, there is an audience with more resources but there is also an audience that bought few game coins and wants to play with a simpler upgrade but

It can be purchase now?

How can I upgrade? Telling me to select blueprint or upgrade but nothing in the box You need to upgrade it to have the "Highborn"? Please clarify.

Too bad your app comes across as a virus. What an epic fail lmfao.

Windows Defender won`t let you open the file at all. I can`t even find the icon that appeared on the desktop to scan with the anti virus. I`ve even given up. I`ll wait until at some point a less problematic application is made. Unfortunately. Is the discord server not allowing anyone to post?

I cant seem to upgrade. Telling me to oick blueprint but screen below is empty

Why did you deactivate comment on Discord? Seems weird to do so when you activate sales of characters...

I`m dumping this unprofessional team, virus delivering shit for MVBIII transparent team with working game on android, windows, mac, iphone. incomparable the level of professionalism. Sad. Bye. I got my Ranger II , thank you Me too antivirus alert..., expensive nfts, virus on file download, whats the next mist team?

Helloooo Cruzader mistnft Hi guys, I specifically purchased Ranger I and yet I got Enchanter I. Is this going to be updated (bug)?

I got my ranger tier 1 I`m so excited, want to play this game so bad

Someone know whay is the price of NFTs? And how much is the stock?

I love the project, but 500$+ for one character when the game is not released yet is a bit much.

Thankyou Mist Managed to pick up all my 1st edition characters. Good job Game seems to be down now though

Mist to the moooooooon!!!!!

Lol insanely crazy high prices IMO

I did not understand. Whoever enters today will already be able to choose their character class and when the game launches these characters will they have a difference?

great, people with a bad internet connection miss out on this sale again, I am downloading since the announcement Tried to download and my virus protection alerted me to a Trojan virus

1st edition characters

GOT MY 2 CHARS! Can`t wait for this game to launch

Any news of when can we buy more nft?

Where can I but the token?

thansk so much for this gift just posting an update to say I got back 500million SHIB tokens in my Wallet!

Love to see constant progress being made huge things ahead

First game then sell nft

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