10th class marks were only considered for deciding which

June 11, 2021, 4:45 pm
10th class marks were only considered for deciding which
10th class marks were only considered for deciding which smartphone you would get

Smartphone?? I didn`t even get a bicycle

You were elite, I got my first smartphone after first year of Bsc when I recieved scholarship money and had few savings which I used to buy Honor 6x, it`s been 4 yrs still using that

Good old times <3

I got phone but it ain`t smart.

Or for the society to decide if they gonna respect you or judge for the whole life

my pop whistled n instructed frm 2nd floor how to park our fiat car,turn steering n wheels straight.Mkng me n my sis butt of jokes of all gully boys playing cricket.he kept whistling like pt tchr...woh bhi ek zamana tha.

Untill IIM Ahmedabad rejects you.

Pandamic decides that for me

So... Did spectacles decide science/commerce?

Yeah. In my case, it was my first ever laptop! What an exciting day that was.

LOL! It would decide whether one got a phone or not. Getting a colour display phone itself was pretty big back then.

Yeah right

First phone in grade 4

couldn`t agree more

Finally a original banger

If you are rich enough. Else: Saala 10th k baad smartphones. Aur 12th k baad ? Playstation?

I got GTA Sandreas after my 10th. That`s how ancient I am and this post shames me.

Bro, I was denied a fair chance in various career opportunities based on the smartphone I received after 10th! :(

Only for Date of Birth.

the genration has changed gets it before 10th

Or a measure of how much respect you deserved from your relatives

And which stream your school allowed you to be in 11th

In my case it was 12th and also after Neet and Aiims exam. Way after boards!! Uff

Also, for the Date of Birth in our times...

Identity proof hai

My grandfather promised me to buy bicycle if I ll cross 90% in 10th. Nd after d result he fulfilled his promise. Today He is not with me but dat bicycle although not in working condition but is still with me

Absolutely right.

90s kids wouldnt know that

People who have written CAT and aiming for IIMs will disagree!

In 2010, I didn`t even get any smart phone all that I got from 10th marks was some discount in the fee for 11th

I got my smartphone first the considered getting a good score in 10th.

omg bestie u got featured on instagrammmm


Not sure but it also decides whether you can apply for slave it companies

and probably 12th would be for bike and graduation would be for car

Didn`t get any

Not for everyone i think 12th were the one !

And what size of Nirulas Hot Chocolate Fudge youll get.

This is the smartphone which i got And....12th Class decide what Bikes/Car you want....right

In recent times, yes

And for which new item you will get

And i declined tht offer for jee mains

Got my first in 8th, second in 10tg

Or iPods when you have strict parents.

truth be told!

10th marksheet is meant only for D.O.B. confirmation

Samsung galaxy "something" lite, it was around 5000 but lasted longer than I expected

Which phone did you guys get?? BTW : I got the JIO PHONE You guys got a smartphone?!

Or if you even get one or not

What smart phone ah ? For 10th pass ah ?

got shipped to IIT coaching with a dabba, say a prayer

And we took the grades seriously...

Nope. Ours used to decide the stream.

I come from generation where 2GB Memory Card was in the phones we had.

I got the phone I wanted without even giving boards haha Thx Iphone 12

For Date of birth too.

Scored 10/10, nothing. It used to be bike/cycle during my time

Cycle bro

Y`all got phones after 10th?

We didn`t even get cycle those days leave aside smartphone as we lived in hills

We never got smartphones for our generation. It was super exclusive in that era !

For me it decide If I will get bajaj sunny or continue with cycle

I got my first phone at 17, smartphone at 22


Atleast your generation got phones after that. Most were content with a 2 wheeler after that and in some cases a bicycle was enough Proud of it though

I traded it for a Kindle Best decision

I missed a smartphone by 1%. Got 89.

adultgram pe featured

Your tweet on ig page Log lost memories of childhood

I got my phone when i was in 8th std 128 mb ram 1 gb internal storage But it was fun

You guys had phone after 10th? Damn

Also for DOB

hand me down gang

And now they are the basis for 12th class marks

Still don`t hv my own phn tho, btw am 18

Man to be speaking fax

I got a nokia 105

I agree, I got Nokia based on my marks

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