10 years ago average middle class wanted corruption free

June 11, 2021, 2:51 pm
10 years ago average middle class wanted corruption free
10 years ago average middle class wanted corruption free government, no terrorism & stuff like that. Now due to rising incomes, more internet penetration, smartphones, SM, travel, rise of China etc aspirations have risen enormously. Traditional politics won`t satisfy them.

2010 was far better than today. I`d love to have those days where I paid only Rs.65 for a litre of petrol and Rs. 350 per cylinder than coughing up Rs.100 and Rs.900 for the same today. Don`t be a miserable ModiBhakt.

India will never catch up with China. China doesn`t have Dwijs to hold them back.

India changed irreversibly only from October 2016 onwards with Jio. The groundwork had started from around 2012-13 with smartphones though. 2016 was our social revolution akin to 1965-70 period in West. Long term ramifications will be apparent only slowly.

There is no end to human desires.All people want to have a better tomorrow, which is a new consumption demand and can drive a new round of development. .

No jobs today. Even in Congress era it wasn`t so difficult to find. Farmers are the happiest folks around.

Traditional politics and politicians won`t do much We need young talented blood in administration not some boomer uncle standardisation of goods and services needed to make them export capable Govt exiting loss making or irrelevant ventures

Nowadays we have high inflation AND low growth simultaneously.

All we want first is reduction or abolishion of income tax.. rest we have no hopes

Youth is driven by pride in race, language, hate towards north etc and some they just want a change, they go to new players trusting their cinematic character, i think i have the full authority to say this being a youth myself and looking at friends!

Ten days ago average middle class was looking for oxygen!

I would do anything to get economy of 2010 back, Modi and co have no economic policies beyond enriching Mr Adani. Our Job market is in a bad shape like never before and corporations are getting away with basically bank robberies.

So what is expectation of youths. If congress returns it will only try to do more corruption

L&O especially Northern Indias L&O is not good... Govt should do something about that...

Very true

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