10 games for iPhone and Android you should be playing

June 19, 2018, 6:56 am

   With an astonishing 6 billion mobile devices expected to be circulating worldwide by 2020, theres an exceedingly good chance you have a smart something or other a few yards away right now.That also means you have access to the largest and fastest-growing segment of the gaming market.
   But with hordes of mobile games arriving with little fanfare on a weekly basis, trying to figure out what, exactly, you should be playing on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or Android device is a daunting task.Still mindlessly crushing candy? Tired of catching em all? Then put your thumbs to good use and test something new like these 10 awesome, brand new titles:
10 games for iPhone and Android you should be playing
   Pocket Run Pool (iOS | Free, $3.99 to unlock full game)Another pool game? Yes.But this one is truly good.MoreThe latest from iPhone game developer extraordinaire Zach Gage (Spelltower, Typeshift) is simple to pick up and impossible to put down.Pocket Run Pool turns billiards into a soothing, addictive, score-chasing strategy game.While you get plenty of mileage for free, plunking down a few bucks to unlock every awesome mode and get rid of those pesky ads is a no-brainer.Whats pool without a little money on the table?
Alternate Title: 10 iPhone and Android games you should be playing right now

   Dragon Ball Legends (iOS, Android | Free)Dragonball Legends will satisfy any fan of the series.MoreSpike your hair and get ready to go super saiyan Dragon Ball has arrived on mobile devices.And its actually pretty cool.Using cards, players duke it out in epic airborne battles ripped right out of the famous manga and anime.With loads of modes and crisp cartoon visuals, its a big, crazy game for fans of the franchise, though its obtuse menus were clearly designed by Vegeta.
   Jurassic World Alive (iOS, Android | Free)This game is basically Jurassic World meets Pokmon Go.More Pokemon GO-osaurus? Indeed, this Jurassic World-themed augmented reality game plays a lot like the critter catching phenomenon, but instead of hoofing it about town throwing pokeballs at Pikachu, youre collecting dino DNA from Velociraptors.Jurassic World Alive looks wonderful and
featuresSpecial attraction
a wide assortment of fearsome beasts, but expect the same pitfalls as Pokemon Go namely, wandering into traffic and draining your phones battery power faster than you may say Hold on to your butts.

   Tiny Bubbles (iOS | $4.99) Tiny Bubbles is a relaxing physics-based puzzle game.MoreStory Continues
   Sometimes the coolest games are the simplest.Such is the case with the relaxing Tiny Bubbles, which lets you inject color into soapy bubbles.Breaking edges creates larger bubbles and lets colors mix together, turning Tiny Bubbles into a sophisticated physics-based puzzler.Beautiful and atmospheric, its one of the years most innovative mobile puzzle games.An Android version is coming next month.
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Homo Machina (iOS, Android | $2.99)

    Homo Machina lets you control the tiny people that control you.Its weird.MoreThe human body requires quite a bit of upkeep to ensure everything is flowing properly.This odd, puzzle-style adventure tasks you with doing just that, helping an army of tiny people operate fantastic machines to keep a man up and running for an whole day.Inspired by the work of physician (and father of the infographic) Fritz Kahn, it features great writing and a stylish aesthetic ripped from the pages of a 1920s scientific journal.
   M&M: Elemental Guardians (iOS, Android | Free)Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is a turn-based RPG thats free-to-play.MoreUbisofts venerable Might and Magic franchise gets a new mobile twist with this gorgeous turn-based strategy RPG.It checks off the standard boxes recruit heroes, deck them out with glyphs, upgrade their powers and take them into battle but Elemental Guardians truly shines in its impressive animations and attention to graphical details.improved still, youll infrequently feel the need to fork over cash.Thats a special kind of free-to-play magic, indeed.
   Minesweeper Genius (iOS, Android | $1.99)Minesweeper Genius will introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the horror of sweeping for landmines.MoreFire up your moms Pentium Minesweeper is back, sort of.Bundled with countless copies of Windows, the classic puzzle game gets a clever mobile refresh.The gist is the same, though now instead of simply flagging mines, youll need to guide a tiny tile-sweeper named Aristotle to the goal of each bite-sized level.Addictive and affordable, Minesweeper Genius is a great match for mobile.
   Super Hydorah (iOS | $6.99)Super Hydorah is a throwback game for fans of being blasted to smithereens by an endless stream of lasers.MoreFans of bullet hell games will be in heaven with this throwback, horizontal shoot em up.Reminiscent of greats like Gradius and R-Type, Super Hydorah lets you blast all sorts of tanks, ships and giant tank-ships while narrowly dodging incoming fire.Perfectly suited for mobile, it justifies its price with upgradeable weapons, branching paths and on-point retro graphics.And bullets.So many bullets.
   BattleHand Heroes (iOS, Android | Free)Battlehand Heroes lets you save the day with cards.MoreThey might not be as famous as Marvels mightiest, but the superheroic stars of this slick card-based strategy RPG are surprisingly potent.Build a squad of crime-fighters, upgrade their powers, and manage decks as you save the city and take down nefarious villains.Youll also have to contend with those decidedly evil loot boxes, but with a generous amount of daily energy, you should be able to stay true, just like a real hero.


Word Domination (iOS, Android | Free)

   Word Domination brings a new twist to the Scrabble formula.Word nerds will dig this fun twist on the Scrabble formula.Played in real-time, Word Domination provides a quick, five-round multiplayer match of word building and smart tile usage.It tosses in a cool strategic layer with 45 collectable booster cards that grant potent abilities, such as briefly extending the timer, swapping out tiles or randomly dumping ice blocks on the board.And remember: QI is a legit play.
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