July 21, 2021, 10:28 pm
.AnDrOiD pHoNeS aRe LaGgY. Stop?

if anything, some Android phones are more responsive than iPhones

They are. One UI is a skin. It still runs Android. It`s just a skin on top of stock Android. So yes you are correct.

most of them aren`t though... sure, they`re no supercomputer, no phone is, but they have advanced very much in the last few years and I feel like the Samsung Galaxy S21 is on par with the iPhone 12 Pro

Yea they are not. Not at all anymore.. butttt I still got to complain about the software support.. Apple is doing better with that (except for the fact that you can install whatever OS you want obviously..)

"yOu CaN`t SeE mOrE tHaN 60hZ"

*laughs in Motorola running custom firmware* what lag? My phone is fine /srs

And also Samsung tablets are actually taken of compared to *average android tablet*

Like you, I hope that people will stop. This would make the tech community way better

okay but Samsung tablets are basically a different breed of tablet because the UI is so different tbh

I said android tablets not One UI tablets

Galaxy S3 with a missing back

Android tablets* are laggy

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